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The next, 3-4 issue of the international scientific electronic journal "TRANSPORT of the SILK ROAD" was published"

03/03/2020 681

Note that if the previous issue was devoted to railway topics, then the next issue is fully devoted to road transport.

The electronic edition can be found on the editorial board's website aitm.uz. The journal is open access and all publications, full texts of articles are necessarily posted on the Internet resource. The title of the article, its annotation, keywords, and information about the authors are available in English, Uzbek and Russian languages.

The journal publishes scientific articles of a problematic and scientific-practical nature, reflecting the achievements of modern scientific thought in the field of technology, technology and their history, Economics, management, Finance, construction and law. The next collection of scientific works of scientists includes the following:

- Improving the performance of vehicles with gas engines based on diesel engines;

- A technique for modeling the travel time of bus on the route;

- Determination of the influence of ambient temperature on the generalized indicators of the efficiency of truck use;

- Improving the efficiency of the road complex of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- Assessment of the complexity of a road in a mountainous area;

- Ways to improve Uzbekistan's position in the logistics efficiency rating;

- Cold asphalt concrete with additives of complex organic binders;

- Road embankments made of saline soils and methods for improving their design characteristics;

- Theoretical bases of non-pressure impregnation of meliorants and application of its features in the practice of fixing mobile Sands;

- Rationing of the tire mileage of NefAZ shift buses in the conditions of “AMMC”;

- Interaction of the road cutter (RC) with asphalt concrete;

- The role of road cutters in the technology of repair of worn roadbed.

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