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New wagon for people with disabilities

03/15/2019 2745

The list of export products of the JSC "Tashkent plant for construction and repair of passenger wagons" included a new wagon designed for people with disabilities. It is designed by plant design engineers according to the requirements and suggestions of customers, and is a special coupe wagon of the type 61-931.

 Taking into account the peculiarities of the physically limited category of citizens, the entrance part of the wagon, the compartment and the corridor were expanded, a special device for lifting wheelchairs was placed.

60 percent of the new carriage is equipped with a localization program for production based on locally produced components. In particular, these include: a carriage truck, heating and cooling systems, an electric control panel, a special high and low voltage electrical device.

Recently, the plant plans to hold a presentation of special wagons for people with disabilities in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The first cars of the new modification are ready for operation and will soon be introduced into the trains of international traffic.
Recall that JSC "Tashkent plant for the construction and repair of passenger wagons" exports wagons reserved seat and compartment type 61-911 and 61-907.

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