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02/28/2019 2607

Under the head of acting Chairman of the Board of JSC "O’zbekistan temir yo’llari" a meeting was held with representatives of LLC "TMH Engineering" – one of the two largest companies in Russia - manufacturers of rolling stock for rail vehicles.

Russian specialists presented their research and development in the field of rail vehicles for railways and subways, as well as their main components. In particular, the meeting participants considered the proposed and possible types of products for introduction in Uzbekistan in the locomotive sector, motor-carriage direction, signaling and digitalization. 

In their presentations, the guests demonstrated the success of the company's design departments. In particular, the possibility of operation of 3ES5K electric locomotives, which became the most mass series of produced electric locomotives of the family “Ermak”, was emphasized.
Uzbek specialists, having studied the possibilities of freight electric locomotives equipped with collector traction engines, highly appreciated their capabilities, but together with their colleagues they discussed issues of operation in the conditions of our country (technical characteristics and temperature regimes affecting the operation of equipment). 

Important attention was paid to electrification and the importance of switching to electric traction, increasing the fleet of electric locomotives and their advantages. 

– Digitalization on the railway, as a factor of accelerated development, - said the guests. In the context of the current development of technology and technology in the world, the importance of conceptually correct steps in this direction, the need for joint efforts to solve pressing issues in an integrated approach was emphasized. In this regard, the sides expressed their views and discussed prospects for cooperation. 

During the negotiations, the issues of development and coordination of technical requirements for the technical audit of JSC "O’zbekistan temir yo’llari" were also discussed. 

In General, the meeting was held in the spirit of constructive dialogue. Following the conversations, the sites expressed the opinion that the productivity of bilateral relations and the continuation of cooperation will undoubtedly bring positive results.

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