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At the moment, free Wi-Fi is widely available at train stations

02/16/2019 3198

For the convenience of passengers, as well as with the aim of developing and popularizing the tourist potential of Uzbekistan, free Wi-Fi with speeds of up to 100 mb/s on each of them appeared at the railway stations of the capital “Tashkent-Central” and "Tashkent-South". This type of service will also gradually cover all the stations in our country.

The service can be used by passengers who are on the station territory and are subscribers of any mobile operator. For foreigners who buy a ticket at the railway ticket office, a travel voucher also issues a special voucher that provides free internet access. Currently, work is underway to further expand the coverage of free of charge wireless Internet access to all railway stations in our country.

In addition, the possibility of connecting to the free Internet using Wi-Fi technology is used at the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers. There are about 70 access points for students and faculty of the university. A similar technology is also used in the sanatorium of the dispensary "Sihatgoh".

It should be noted that the project on free Wi-Fi in the above places was implemented jointly by the JSC “O’zbekiston temir yo’llari” and the joint venture Asia Wireless Group LLC, known under the "SOLA" trademark. For your information, free Internet services from "SOLA" can be used in many places of our capital.

How to become a user and connect to the new service? According to the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “on additional organizational measures to create favorable conditions for the development of tourism potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan” access to the Internet (Wi-Fi) should be carried out with the mandatory identification of the user.

In this connection, the user to access the Internet must select "SOLA" in the list of available Wi-Fi zone networks and log in (by entering your phone number in a special field and receive an SMS with a password to access the Internet). Free access is valid for a limited time, the subsequent use of the wireless network – paid, through payment systems "PayMe", "Click", "Paynet". By mid-2019, it is planned to integrate with the international payment system "Visa".

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