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Tubing: production of demanded products in metrostroy

02/13/2019 2960

As you know, the metro is being intensively built in our capital. The pace of above-ground construction is evident for residents and guests of Tashkent. Meanwhile, it should be noted that the construction of the underground, on the extension of the Yunusabad metro line, is continuing at least as hard. At present, construction and installation works of the new stations “Yangi Yunusobod” and “Turkiston” are underway.

For conducting the closed construction works, the tunneling machine of the German company "HERRENKNESHT AG" is involved. This complex performs not only tunneling work, but at the same time strengthens the underground passage. The finished concrete tunnel consists of tubings, which are separate segments of the tunnel ring. These elements of prefabricated fasteners are now made by our specialists.

The new plant at UE Trust "Ko’prikqurilish" for the production of specialized reinforced concrete products and structures has mastered the production of tubing and is increasing its volume. Product quality is under the constant supervision of specialists. Every day, 8 sets of products are manufactured here, the total length of which is 12 meters.

For reference: Tubing is a metal or reinforced concrete arcuate curved plate used for waterproof mounting of mines, tunnels. It consists of 6 parts, when they are connected, an annular corridor is formed. The width of the ring is 1.5 meters, the inner diameter is 5.1 meters, and the outer size is 5.62 meters.

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