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Uzbekistan-Tajikistan: Discussion of new international cooperation plans

01/25/2019 3008

        A meeting with the leadership of the state UE "Rohi oxani tojikiston" was held at JSC “O’zbekiston temir yo’llari”.      

Our country is one of the most important strategic transit areas of Central Asia. Also, mutual trade turnover plays a specific role in the implementation of the import-export process. Therefore, international relations are well-established in all areas with neighboring countries. Particularly, interconnected rail transport is based on mutually beneficial cooperation. At present the railway system of our country has established reliable cooperation with all neighboring countries.

In particular, a number of activities are being carried out between the railways of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan on transit cargo transportation, maintenance and repair of wagons. In particular, in the past year, preferences have been given for a number of goods, which are important for the two countries, and specific discounts on imports and exports have been provided. At the same time, there are a number of conveniences for passenger transportation. A regular meeting was held in order to further develop the efforts in this area, to use new opportunities and further strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation. The main focus of the event was focused on cooperation in the field of cargo and passenger transportation, increasing transit cargo volumes. Also in 2019, the discounts on both sides were considered.

The two countries also discussed the use of new opportunities to increase freight and passenger traffic in the railway network. During the conversation, these issues were thoroughly discussed and identified the most important tasks that should be implemented.
At the end of the meeting, a protocol of the meeting was signed. Hello vereybdy who knows me well.

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