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TransUzbekistan-2018: railway workers at the international exhibition

11/14/2018 3567

The 15th International Exhibition "Transport and Logistics - Trans Uzbekistan 2018", is being held in Tashkent. More than 40 companies from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and others take part in it. 

The exhibition features transport and logistics services, rolling stock and railway infrastructure, auto parts, commercial vehicles, road infrastructure, transportation and cargo safety, as well as related services and much more.


As you know, the role of transportation and logistics in the import and export of goods is unique. A great deal of work is being done in this regard at the JSC “Uzbekiston Temir Yollari”. This increases the confidence in railroad transportation. Thus, at the international event, the JSC "Yulreftrans", JSC "O’ztemiryo’lkonteyner" and UN "O’ztemiryo'lkonteyner" took an active part. Visitors are also introduced to new types of services for representatives of the business community. For example, the container train, which in the market of services in our country has appeared relatively recently and is increasingly gaining popularity among entrepreneurs at affordable prices, fast delivery times and a number of other amenities.

It is noteworthy that For the first time, the following companies are participating in the Trans Uzbekistan 2018 exhibition:

- Turkmenbashi International Sea Port (Turkmenistan) - a seaport located in the eastern part of the Caspian Sea. It is the largest seaport in Turkmenistan.

- United Carriage Company (Russia) is the leader of innovative car building in 1520 gauge area. The railway holding is an integrated provider in the sphere of production, transport services and operational leasing, engineering and service maintenance of freight cars of the new generation.

- Tengri Logistics, LLP (Kazakhstan) - Transportation, forwarding railway, transport, all types of transport, logistics, provision of railway transport for the carriage of liquid, bulk and bulk cargoes.

- Petrochemical Transportation Company, LLP (Kazakhstan) is a freight forwarding company in the railway industry, specializing in multimodal and bulk cargo transportation.

It should be noted that within the framework of the international exhibition, seminars are also held on a number of companies on topics related to safety at enterprises, development of infrastructure projects of the Republic of Uzbekistan, etc.

Of course, such international exhibitions will give a chance to enter the world market and work with new partners. 

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