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The international conference has started on the topic: "Central Asia in the system of international transport corridors: strategic perspectives and unrealized opportunities"

09/20/2018 3888

Today, September 20, Tashkent hosts an international conference on the theme: "Central Asia in the system of international transport corridors: strategic perspectives and unrealized opportunities".

     The Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan delivered a welcoming speech and read out a congratulation to the participants of the international conference of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.M. Mirziyoyev.
The President of the Islamic development Bank Dr. Bandar Hajjar welcomed the participants and noted the importance of the international conference of the new format.
       Speaking to the participants, Vice-President of the Asian development Bank Venza Zhang briefly introduced the activities and results of projects for the development of transport and logistics infrastructure in the countries united in the SCO.
In his speech, Chairman of the Council for railway transport of the CIS member States, Chairman of the Board of JSC "Russian Railways" O. V. Belozerov noted that it is necessary to consider the digitalization of the railway to replace the current format of services.
      Chairman of the Intergovernmental Council of Road Workers Zh.K.Kalilov stressed the importance of reviewing some customs inspections to improve the existing and the formation of new transport corridors. 


During the conference, the speakers noted the need to improve the legal framework and implementation of international agreements reached in the field of transport between the countries of Central Asia. The development of a comprehensive strategy for the development of the Central Asian transport industry that meets high international requirements and standards, as well as ensuring its broad integration into international transport communications, are one of the priority issues today.


In the afternoon, the conference continued its work in parallel in four sectoral sections.
     The first Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "O’zbekistan Temir Yo’llari" F. F. Sagdullaev opened the work of the section "global and regional trends in the development of railway transport". He sincerely thanked the participants for supporting the initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the work of the conference. Welcoming his colleagues, he noted that it is necessary to jointly improve the activities of the SCO member States’ transport corridors and ensure the access of export products to international markets, improve tariff policy, attract foreign investment for the development of joint railway projects.
     The report on the theme: "The role of the railway infrastructure of Central Asian countries in the formation of the Eurasian transport systems" head of the Department of transportation market development, "Institute of economy and transport development" A.A.Zamkovoy noted that the required delivery ratio and relative prices of goods transported, briefly spoke about the international transport corridors "West-East" and "East-West".


In the presentation on the theme: "The role of multilateral development of banks to support the development of international transport corridors" senior transport specialist of the Asian development Bank Ko Sakamoto briefly outlined the results of investment in transport, the platform to support investment, the need to reform the railway of Central Asia.
     Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "NC" “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” S. B. Elyubaeva told about the strategy of transit development in his speech, trans international transport route, transport and logistics port of Kazakhstan, infrastructure of Kazakhstan in the Caspian region, the need to address physical and non-physical barriers together, the need to move to the digitalization of cargo. The participants got acquainted with the experience of the Latvian railway in the development of new container train routes in the direction of Asia-Europe. President of the Latvian railway Edvins Berzins stressed that it is necessary to work together and only then can achieve positive results.

      Discussion and resolution of issues related to the formation of the most efficient transit corridors remain relevant for each country.
        Work in the sections continues.

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